Wagner Mercs Threaten to R@pe Lawmaker on Red Square

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Wagner Mercenaries Issue Threat of Sexu@l Ass@ult Against Lawmaker on Red Square

Tensions between the Wagner Group, a notorious paramilitary force, and the regular Russian military have reached a boiling point, with mercenaries associated with Wagner now resorting to threats of “r@pe” against lawmaker and lieutenant-general Viktor Sobolev, who openly criticized the group.

A video appeal, circulating on Telegram channels linked to Wagner, features three masked fighters vowing vengeance against Sobolev.

One of them, identifying himself as a draftee following Vladimir Putin’s mobilization order, claims to be a fighter in Bakhmut.

The other two men introduce themselves as Wagner members—an experienced mercenary and a former convict recruited by the group.

Directing their message to lawmaker Sobolev, one of the mercenaries declares, “We want to tell you, Sobolev, that if you dare interfere and Russia loses the war because of people like you, we will be compelled to come to Red Square to safeguard our people and exact retribution by violating your dignity. So, we dare you to come here, you aging imbecile.”

This threat emerges in response to Sobolev’s recent statement in the State Duma’s defense committee, where he pledged to imprison military draftees who join Wagner for a maximum of 15 years, deeming the mercenary group an “illegitimate” military entity.

Eliciting an outraged reaction from Prigozhin, who leads Wagner, Sobolev faced a barrage of curses and was challenged to demonstrate his capabilities on the frontlines.

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Prigozhin’s animosity towards military officials has been intensifying for months, and his recent attacks have taken on a fervent tone.

In a video released last week, the Wagner founder openly admitted that the mercenary group was “wasting ammunition” by executing Russian troops who retreat from the battlefield.

Additionally, The Washington Post disclosed that Prigozhin had made an offer to divulge Russian troop positions to Ukraine in exchange for the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Bakhmut. However, this proposal was ultimately rejected.

Reports now suggest that the Russian presidential administration is preparing a smear campaign to discredit Prigozhin, the outspoken leader of the mercenary group who appears to revel in antagonizing others.

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