Ukrainian Anti-war protester covers herself in fake blood on Cannes red carpet

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The woman, dressed in the Ukraine flag colours of blue and yellow, smiled for the cameras before being led away by security

In an act of apparent anti-war protest, a woman dressed in the vibrant colors of the Ukrainian flag found herself removed from the illustrious red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival.

The incident unfolded just moments before the highly anticipated premiere of French film director Just Philippot’s Acide on a balmy Sunday evening in the scenic locale of southern France.

The motive behind this audacious demonstration, which occurred during the screening, remains shrouded in uncertainty.

The woman, draped in a colourful dress embodying the combination of yellow and blue, emblematic of Ukraine’s national colors, gracefully attracted the attention of the assembled lenses.

With a radiant smile adorning her face, she reached into the recesses of her attire, deftly retrieving two capsules filled with a crimson-hued liquid. As the cameras clicked, she liberated the contents over her own head, cascading the counterfeit blood onto the regal staircase of the scarlet pathway beneath her.

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Image of Anti war protester coloured in blood at Cannes film festival.

Promptly, a vigilant security guard swiftly descended the stairs, escorting the crimson-clad protester away from the spectacle.

The motive and intentions that drove her to douse herself in this provocative spectacle remain a mystery, veiled within the enigmatic folds of her actions.

Thierry Frémaux, the esteemed director of the Cannes Film Festival, had ardently expressed the festival’s resolute solidarity with Ukraine prior to its commencement.

French actress Catherine Deneuve, during the opening ceremony, rendered a poignant homage to the war-stricken nation’s victims.

Her voice resonated through the crowd as she recited “Hope,” a lyrical opus penned by the renowned Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka.

This year’s festival persists in upholding the ban on Russian delegations or film entities affiliated with the Russian government.

The stringent prohibition, imposed during the previous edition, remains in effect, ensuring their conspicuous absence.

Last year’s iteration of the Cannes Film Festival bore witness to a Ukrainian woman’s impassioned outcry against the Russian forces.

In a display of raw vulnerability, she disrobed on the very same red carpet, baring her body adorned with a poignant message inscribed in vibrant body paint: “stop r@ping us.”

Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian flag’s azure and golden splendor, she sought to draw attention to the harrowing reports of sexu@l violence perpetrated by soldiers in her homeland.

These acts of protest on the grand stage of Cannes epitomize the power of individuals to harness attention and stir consciousness, employing unconventional means to advocate for causes close to their hearts.

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