Trump Shifts Focus from Wall to ‘Greatest Dome Ever’ in Latest Campaign Promise

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Former President Donald Trump is making a new pledge on the campaign trail, shifting his focus from the border wall to the promise of creating a missile defense system akin to Israel’s Iron Dome but on a grander scale.

During recent speeches in New Hampshire and Iowa, Trump outlined his vision for a state-of-the-art missile defense shield covering the entire United States.

Trump emphasized the need for such a defense system, linking it to the prevention of World War III. He touted the idea of an American-made “greatest dome ever” to protect the country from potential missile threats.

However, experts are skeptical, pointing out the vast differences between the threat scenarios faced by the U.S. and those addressed by Israel’s Iron Dome.

While Iron Dome effectively intercepts short-range missiles from nearby threats, the U.S. primarily deals with the risk of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) launched from countries like Russia or China.

The sheer size of the continental U.S. poses a significant challenge compared to Israel’s smaller territorial concerns.

Despite decades of research and billions of dollars invested in missile defense development, the U.S. military has limitations in countering ICBMs.

The existing short-range missile defense systems, including Iron Dome, are not designed to handle these long-range threats.

Military officials acknowledge the difficulty of defending against mass attacks from major powers, citing cost and feasibility issues.

Experts note that the speed and trajectory of ICBMs entering the atmosphere make interception challenging.

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The cost of developing and deploying advanced interceptors, along with the need for multiple interceptors to increase success rates, poses practical and financial challenges.

While Trump’s promise of a “greatest dome ever” resonates with his track record of advocating massive infrastructure projects, it remains to be seen whether such a system aligns with the current capabilities and challenges faced by the U.S. military in safeguarding against potential missile threats.

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