Trans Model Rose Montoya activist sparks outrage by going topless at the White House after meeting Joe Biden

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Transgender activist and model Rose Montoya has sparked outrage with her recent act of flashing her breasts at the White House following a meeting with President Joe Biden.

The incident occurred during the largest Pride celebration in the history of the White House, where Montoya, aged 27, had the opportunity to meet with President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, Montoya can be seen shaking hands with the president and expressing her belief in the importance of trans rights as human rights.

However, it was a subsequent video that garnered attention and criticism. The footage captured Montoya standing alongside a group of friends as she briefly exposed her breasts on the South Lawn.

Amidst the confusion and astonishment, someone can be heard questioning the audacious act, asking if they were witnessing toplessness at the White House.

The online backlash against Montoya was swift, with many deeming her actions inappropriate. Nonetheless, Montoya took to social media once again to address her critics and defend herself.

In a video shared with her substantial following of 103,000, she questioned society’s double standards regarding the perception of her chest. Montoya pointed out that before her transition, her chest was not considered inappropriate or illegal when displayed.

She argued that by criticizing her actions, people were inadvertently acknowledging her identity as a woman. Furthermore, she highlighted the tendency to sexualize women’s bodies and deem them inappropriate, emphasizing that her intention was to express joy and authenticity.

Montoya also emphasized the presence of her transmasculine friends, who proudly showcased their top surgery scars as a symbol of their personal journeys.

Wanting to be part of their celebration, Montoya chose to join them, ensuring she complied with Washington, DC laws by covering her nipples. Her objective was to feel fully liberated and true to herself without any intention of vulgarity or profanity.

During the event at the White House, President Biden delivered a speech advocating for the protection of LGBT rights and the safety of the community.

He addressed the alarming increase in attacks targeting the LGBTQ+ population and called for action against the numerous bills introduced in various states, which he characterized as callous and cynical.

These bills specifically target transgender children, causing fear among families and criminalizing medical professionals who provide care to them.

President Biden’s impassioned speech resonated with the crowd, resulting in cheers and applause. Attendees expressed their support by adorning themselves in rainbow-colored attire, with some individuals even embracing drag as a form of celebration.

While Montoya’s act at the White House ignited controversy, it served as a catalyst for important discussions surrounding transgender rights, societal perceptions, and the ongoing fight for equality.

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