Taylor Swift postpones Saturday Rio concert after 23-year-old fan dies at show during extreme temperatures

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In Rio de Janeiro, Taylor Swift had to delay her Saturday show due to intense heat, following the tragic passing of a fan who fell ill during the scorching concert.

Expressing concern for the safety of her fans, fellow performers, and crew, Swift took to Instagram just before the scheduled performance, citing extreme temperatures in Rio as the reason for postponement.

A fan, Ana Clara Benevides, aged 23, fell ill during Friday’s event at Nilton Santos stadium and later passed away in the hospital. The cause of her death remains under investigation by Rio’s state health service.

The heat index in Rio hit record levels, reaching 59.3 degrees Celsius (138.7 degrees Fahrenheit) on Friday and soaring to 59.7 degrees Celsius (139.5 degrees Fahrenheit) on Saturday.

Around 60,000 fans gathered for Swift’s sold-out show at the stadium, located in a hotter northern neighborhood away from the cooler beaches of Rio.

Swift was slated for another show in Rio on Sunday, followed by three in São Paulo from Nov. 24 to 26. The Saturday show was rescheduled for Monday by event organizer T4F.

At Friday’s concert, multiple fans fell ill, prompting Swift to pause her performance and request water for them, as seen in videos.

In response to the incident, National Consumer Secretary Wadih Damous announced that T4F was directed to ensure water availability at all of Swift’s Brazilian concerts.

Following Benevides’ tragic passing, Justice Minister Flavio Dino declared a directive permitting concert-goers to bring water bottles.

He emphasized the necessity for companies staging events in high-heat conditions to provide free accessible drinking water.

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Outside the stadium on Saturday, Swift’s fans struggled with the heat, leading to emotional distress upon hearing about the show’s postponement.

Heat exhaustion, marked by symptoms like dizziness, headaches, shaking, and thirst, is generally manageable if the person cools down within 30 minutes.

However, heatstroke, with a body temperature above 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.6 degrees Celsius), demands immediate medical attention as it can cause severe organ damage and even death.

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