Superman & Lois Gave Jordan’s Superboy Journey A Smallville Vibe

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Superman & Lois Season 3 takes Jordan’s Superboy journey on a captivating path reminiscent of Tom Welling’s Clark in Smallville, adding a touch of nostalgia to the series.

Throughout the season, we witness Jordan’s growth as Superboy, as he strives to prove his capability as a solo vigilante to his father, Clark Kent.

Initially, Clark had reservations, but with Sam Lane’s faith in Jordan and Lois Lane’s mentorship, he eventually comes around, acknowledging his son’s progress and establishing a stronger bond of trust.

Training at Lara-El’s Fortress of Solitude has played a significant role in Jordan’s maturation. He demonstrates a sense of responsibility suitable for the field.

However, as he enjoys his newfound freedom, he encounters a problem similar to the one faced by Smallville’s Clark, portrayed by Tom Welling.

In Smallville, Clark often left behind traces of his heroic acts, saving lives without being able to clean up the scenes promptly.

This led to authorities and even Lex Luthor becoming suspicious of the enigmatic “Blur.”

Unfortunately, not everyone welcomed this mysterious presence, posing a threat to Clark’s family.

In a similar fashion, Jordan’s story intertwines with this dilemma when Kyle Cushing, Lana’s husband, stumbles upon clues suggesting someone else is rescuing civilians from fires throughout Smallville.

Kyle’s discoveries, such as finding ice at key locations, raise suspicions about a person not affiliated with his firefighting crew.

The episode concludes with Kyle collecting more evidence, leaving Jordan fearful that his secret could be exposed. Once word spreads, the existence of witnesses and camera footage would endanger Jordan’s superhero career and potentially reveal Clark Kent as the Man of Steel.

The escalating mystery in Superman & Lois adds further tension to the town of Smallville.

As Jordan faces increased scrutiny, he must grapple with the potential consequences it could have on his superhero pursuits. Should this issue impede his progress, Clark may make the difficult decision to ground his son permanently.

Moreover, if Jon attempts to cover for his twin brother on the job, it could draw Kyle’s anger and jeopardize Jon’s aspirations of becoming a firefighter.

Given Kyle’s existing suspicions and frustration towards Jon for breaking rules in the past, this outcome appears plausible.

Ironically, the conflict involving Jon and Jordan contributes to Kyle’s own character development.

Thus far, Kyle’s storyline has primarily revolved around his relationship with Chrissy and his attempts to be a better father to Sarah and Sophie.

He is also seeking redemption following his affair with Lana. However, his character arc has leaned more towards melodrama than genuine emotional growth.

Discovering that his family and the Kents are keeping a significant secret could provide an opportunity to depict Kyle as a concerned and involved father.

Superman’s presence in Smallville has already attracted numerous apocalyptic threats, including Tal-Rho and Parasite.

On top of that, the impending arrival of Lex Luthor and the chaos caused by Bruno Mannheim and Onomatopoeia only amplify the dangers faced by the town.

Consequently, Kyle may feel compelled to remove his daughters from the center of this metahuman, alien, and criminal storm.

Additionally, with the potential romance between Lana and Steel hinted at, Kyle might push to distance his children from the chaotic world surrounding the Kents.

This narrative development grants Kyle a more multi-dimensional role and offers hope that he could align himself with the Kents.

While complete familial unity may be wishful thinking, it is a resolution that Kyle will hopefully strive for as he pursues the secret hero operating in their midst.

Fans can catch the return of Superman & Lois on May 23 at 8:00 p.m. on The CW, where the series promises to deliver more thrilling episodes and unravel the mysteries that continue to unfold in Smallville

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