Singer ‘Pink’ to Give Away 2,000 Copies of Banned Books at her Florida Tour

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Pop sensation Pink is taking a stand against book bans, planning to give away 2,000 banned books at her upcoming concerts in Florida.

Joining forces with PEN America and Books & Books, a Florida bookstore, Pink is targeting book bans that disproportionately affect authors addressing race and $exual identity issues.

Recent data from PEN America reveals that Florida outpaced Texas in the number of banned books in public school classrooms and libraries during the last school year.

The banned books mainly focus on race, racism, and LGBTQ identities, with Black and LGBTQ+ authors being particularly affected.

In response, Pink expressed her refusal to idly witness books being banned by schools, especially those addressing crucial topics like race and LGBTQ issues.

She emphasized the importance of preserving progress made towards equality in the country.

Pink made the announcement during an Instagram live session with poet and activist Amanda Gorman and PEN America’s CEO, Suzanne Nossel.

As part of her 2023 Trustfall tour, Pink plans to distribute four books in Miami and Sunrise: “The Family Book” by Todd Parr, “The Hill We Climb” by Amanda Gorman, “Beloved” by Toni Morrison, and a book from the “Girls Who Code” movement by Reshma Saujani.

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The initiative comes at a time when there’s been a 33% increase in book bans nationwide, with Florida accounting for over 40% of all documented cases.

PEN America highlighted Florida’s influence on national trends, with its speech-constricting laws serving as a template for book bans across the country.

According to PEN America, nearly 6,000 instances of book bans have occurred since 2021 due to this growing movement.

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