Selena Gomez says we live in a world where men confuse having standards with being high-maintenance

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Selena Gomez recently discussed her dating preferences, shedding light on her personal standards while asserting that she is not “high maintenance.”

The talented actress from “Only Murders in the Building” candidly expressed that she holds certain expectations when considering potential partners, and she has no shame in doing so.

During a conversation on SiriusXM, the former Disney star elaborated on her dating criteria, stating, “I believe in having standards.”

She continued, emphasizing that in today’s world, men sometimes misconstrue standards as high maintenance. Selena boldly proclaimed, “I’m not hesitant to declare, ‘I genuinely expect certain qualities for you to be in a relationship with me.'”

She clarified further, saying, “What I seek is not some trendy ‘coolness.’ It’s about kindness, humor, and being respectful to my family and those around us.”

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Selena Gomez also touched on her perspective on single life, emphasizing her desire not to let a relationship define her self-worth.

“I think everyone experiences the phase of desiring companionship,” acknowledged the singer of “Calm Down.”

“However,” she continued, “I’m currently relishing where I stand. I aim to find happiness within myself, so when the right person enters my life, they complement me instead of being burdened by my former insecurities.”

Selena Gomez, in her own words, highlights the importance of personal standards and self-contentment while navigating the dating world.

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