Russian TV hosts ‘Like Robots’ are speaking word for word out of Kremlin manual

By echonewshub 1 Min Read

Russian TV hosts, synchronized in an almost robotic manner, echo the very words dictated by Kremlin manuals.

A humorous video, shared on social media on June 2, captured the spectacle of two regional TV channels simultaneously delivering identical scripts concerning the events unfolding in the Belgorod Oblast.

Despite the long-standing absence of independent media under the regime of Kremlin autocrat Vladimir Putin, the absolute adherence to Moscow’s prescribed narrative without the slightest deviation remains a striking phenomenon.

Simultaneously, one must question the true informational value of this news, given the prevailing lack of awareness among the general public regarding the ongoing and intense clashes that have engulfed the Russian region for several days.

Curiously, Putin himself has chosen not to directly address these events, instead indulging in various nonsensical activities such as distributing awards to his loyal followers.

Adding further complexity to the situation, the Ukraine-affiliated Russian Volunteer Corps has recently reentered the Belgorod Oblast.

The consequence of this incursion has been the forcible displacement of Shebekino residents, compelled to flee their homes due to the escalating combat in the area.

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