Russian Troops Accused of Brutal Crimes towards Female Soldier in Ukraine Conflict

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President Vladimir Putin’s Russian troops are facing severe allegations of horrifying crimes committed against Ukrainian soldiers and prisoners of war.

In a damning dossier compiled by the Danish anti-torture group, Dignity, a disturbing pattern of mass torture and war crimes emerges, shedding light on the depraved actions perpetrated by the Russian army.

One of the most chilling accounts reveals the prolonged r@pe of a female Ukrainian soldier over a harrowing three-day period.

Tragically, the female soldier whereabouts remain unknown since the conclusion of her brutal ordeal.

The testimony of a military volunteer in Mariupol, Ukraine, further underscores the gravity of the situation, recounting the five months of unimaginable torture endured within the confines of his jail cell.

The volunteer’s recollection is a haunting testament to the depths of human cruelty. Bound, gagged, and mercilessly beaten, he was subjected to strangulation with electrical wire, causing him to lose consciousness repeatedly.

To intensify his torment, his captors resorted to the sadistic practice of dousing him with water to revive him, only to subject him to renewed suffering.

On the third day of his ordeal, the volunteer, having exhausted any information his tormentors sought, pleaded for an end to his misery.

Disturbingly, his request was relayed to a superior via phone, who callously dismissed it without uttering a word.

Astonishingly, his captors ignored the order to terminate his suffering, callously remarking that he had yet to experience the full extent of their diabolical intentions, referring to the ordeal as traversing the “seven circles of hell.”

Additional grotesque accounts have come to light, as one prisoner held in Zaporizhzhia attested to hearing the prolonged rap€ of a female soldier over three agonizing days.

Regrettably, her fate remains unknown, shrouded in a harrowing silence. Reports submitted by Dignity also detail the abhorrent practice of Russian soldiers placing gas masks on prisoners’ heads, purposefully depriving them of oxygen until the brink of unconsciousness, only to cruelly grant them respite and initiate the cycle of torture anew.

Survivors of this indescribable cruelty have emerged with their own stories of pain and suffering.

Serhiy Mak, a resident of Kherson, recounts his five-day torment, enduring relentless beatings with cables and phone chargers, as well as asphyxiation with a gas mask.

His tormentors callously declared that he would “sing better tomorrow” before subjecting him to a relentless hour-long electrocution session.

Furthermore, he endured the horror of a gun being pressed against his temple, with his captors callously pulling the trigger.

Therese Rytter, the legal director of Dignity, expressed the gravity of the situation, highlighting over 700 documented human rights violations, including 152 instances of torture and inhumane treatment.

The report brings to light the systematic use of torture in official detention centers to extract false confessions, instill fear among prisoners, and enforce obedience to the Russian administration.

Shockingly, the report also exposes the use of torture in unofficial detention facilities, where Russian forces target civilians to identify individuals perceived as threats to the regime or those sympathetic to the Ukrainian cause, subjecting them and their families to unspeakable violence.

The litany of crimes committed by Russian troops encompasses both physical and psychological torture.

Physical abuse ranges from severe beatings and electroshocks to suffocation methods, while psychological torment includes threats and mock executions aimed at breaking the spirit of the victims and those associated with them.

As the world grapples with these abhorrent revelations, it is imperative that justice prevails and the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

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