Russia is reportedly taking drastic measures to protect a crucial bridge by intentionally sinking its own ferries in the Kerch Strait

By echonewshub 2 Min Read

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) claims that Russian forces are behind this strategy, with plans to submerge at least six ferries to safeguard the Kerch Bridge connecting Russian-occupied Crimea to the mainland.

According to GUR’s recent Telegram post, Russia has already sunk one vessel and is in the process of sinking another. The exact method Russia is using to sink these ships remains unclear.

Ukraine suggests that Russia intends to eventually set up defensive barriers, similar to anti-torpedo nets, by connecting the submerged ferries. These barriers, known as boom defenses, have been employed since World War II to protect against various threats, including drones.

However, drone-technology developer Stephen Wright has expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of this tactic against drone attacks.

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He believes that while the “block ships” approach might be effective against different forms of assault, such as large ships or manned submarines, it is unlikely to deter small and agile sea drones.

This development comes in response to a series of audacious sea-drone attacks carried out by Ukraine in the area. These attacks have intensified since Ukraine introduced a new type of sea drone that can reach high speeds and carry significant explosive payloads.

These advanced sea drones have previously caused damage to sizeable warships in the Black Sea.

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