Paul Walker turned down $10 million offer to play Superman

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In the 2018 documentary “I Am Paul Walker,” showcased on The CW last Saturday, Matt Luber, the late Fast & Furious actor’s manager, shared insights into how Paul Walker was on the brink of becoming Superman.

Walker, who tragically passed away in a car accident at age 40 in 2013, had engaged in screen testing for the iconic role, backed by a large $10 million deal.

According to Luber, Walker was the frontrunner for the part.In the documentary, Walker’s stunt double and childhood friend, Oakley Lehman, confirmed Walker’s consideration for the role but emphasized that he was hesitant about committing to multiple Superman films.

Lehman recalled a decisive phone call from Walker, stating, “I’ve got an ‘S’ on, I got a cape, boots, tights… this is not me. I’m getting the f— out of here. Gotta go. F— you.” And just like that, Walker exited the opportunity.

During Walker’s era, actors like Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh portrayed Superman on the big screen. Henry Cavill eventually took on the role starting with “Man of Steel” in 2013.

Interestingly, in 2023, Brendan Fraser revealed on The Howard Stern Show that he and Walker had both auditioned for the lead in 2006’s “Superman Returns.”Fraser shared his reservations about the iconic role, questioning if being the Man of Steel would define him for life.

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Walker had also commented on his decision back in 2003, telling the Chicago Sun-Times that while the franchise offered substantial financial gain, he didn’t need a “gazillion dollars” for his modest lifestyle.”I Am Paul Walker,” directed by Adrian Buitenhuis, initially aired on Paramount Network in August 2018.

The documentary delves into both the private side of Paul Walker and his successful film career, featuring interviews with those who knew him best and a rich archive of unseen candid videos and photos provided by family and friends.

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