Paul Rudd Reveals his Diet for ‘Ant-Man’ was Horrible and Sparking Water was His Reward

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Paul Rudd, renowned for his role in the Ant-Man movies, recently opened up about the intense regimen behind his on-screen superhero physique.

In an interview on the Off Menu podcast, Rudd, 54, revealed the daunting nature of his diet, describing it as “very restrictive” and humorously noting that his reward after enduring it was simply sparkling water.

The actor shared how the dietary plan was so demanding that even a fizzy drink felt like a treat.

He jokingly mentioned gravitating towards Pellegrino due to its “softer carbonation” and laughed about the potential consequences of too much fizz at his superhero size.

Rudd confessed to following a similarly challenging routine for the movie “Avengers: Endgame.”

He humorously compared his efforts to his co-star Chris Hemsworth’s disciplined eating habits, acknowledging Hemsworth’s superior commitment to his regimen.

Despite the hardships of his diet, Rudd found an unexpected positive in the experience, feeling surprisingly energized by lighter meals.

He joked about being the one who worked out the most, ate the healthiest, yet somehow didn’t look as good as his fellow cast members.

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Even after being crowned PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2021, Rudd humorously offered guidance to his successor, Chris Evans, but comically noted Evans hadn’t taken him up on the offer, considering his “busy” schedule as the new titleholder.

Rudd’s candid revelations shed light on the immense dedication required behind the scenes of superhero movies, showcasing the rigorous routines actors endure to portray these iconic characters on screen.

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