Palestinian man, son attending funeral procession in West Bank shot dead

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Israeli settlers and soldiers accused of attacking funeral procession of four Palestinians killed by armed settlers on Wednesday.

Ibrahim Al-Wadi and his son Ahmed Al-Wadi were killed on October 12, 2023, when settlers and Israeli soldiers opened fire on a funeral procession for four Palestinians killed a day earlier.

In a tragic and distressing incident, a Palestinian father and son, Ibrahim Al-Wadi and Ahmed Al-Wadi, lost their lives during a funeral procession in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that Israeli settlers were responsible for this terrible event.

The incident unfolded as the funeral procession was underway for four Palestinians who had lost their lives the previous day, a result of clashes between settlers and Israeli soldiers in the village of Qusra near Nablus.

As the grieving Palestinians tried to clear the path for the funeral, they encountered car tires intentionally placed by settlers to obstruct their way. Ibrahim and Ahmed Al-Wadi, along with other men from their community, confronted the settlers and attempted to remove the obstacles. Some resorted to throwing rocks to clear the road.

However, the situation took a tragic turn when the Israeli army intervened. According to Ibrahim’s brother, Abdul Azim, both settlers and Israeli soldiers opened fire on the Palestinians who were attending the funeral, resulting in the loss of the father and son.

Ibrahim’s family members and friends mourn the killings at a hospital in Nablus.

The village of Qusra, located in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, is home to several illegal Israeli settlements. This incident is not isolated, as Palestinian residents have faced systemic attacks by settlers, which, as Ibrahim had highlighted in a previous conversation, had been ongoing even before the Israel-Hamas conflict erupted.

The origins of this tragic event can be traced back to the prior day when a significant number of settlers stormed the house of Mahmoud Odeh, a Palestinian who had been killed by settlers in 2017. To protect his family, Odeh’s son Awad had climbed onto the roof of the house to seek support from fellow villagers.

This distressing incident highlights the ongoing tensions and violence in the region and serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank.

As people arrived, Ibrahim told Al Jazeera, the settlers and Israeli soldiers “initiated live fire directly on the upper bodies of [the men]”, injuring at least 11, including children.

Awad, who was still on the rooftop, was shot in the neck and jaw, Ibrahim said, adding that he was taken to a hospital in Ramallah where his condition was serious but stable. Four others – Abada Odeh, Moaz Odeh, Musab Abu Rida and a child identified as Hassan Odeh – were killed in the attack.

Ibrahim said at least three other Palestinians had injuries from live bullets fired by the Israeli army. He said the settlers in the area had threatened the residents of Qusra.

“We will crush the people of Qusra at their sites,” Ibrahim said, repeating the threat.

“Fears exist as the village is surrounded by six settlements from the southern and eastern sides,” he said. “They are taking advantage of the ongoing war and the cover available to them to implement their plan.”

Nobani said Ibrahim’s last words to him were: “We will confront with all our might and defend our people and our land.”

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