Nikki Haley says America’s retirement age is ‘way too low’ and needs to be increased

By echonewshub 2 Min Read

Nikki a person trying to become the leader of the Republican party, thinks that the age when people stop working and retire is set too early in the US. She believes it should be made later.

She talked about making this age higher, especially for young folks in their twenties. But many people don’t like this idea, according to surveys.

In a talk with Bloomberg Markets, Haley said changing the retirement age would help keep programs like Social Security and Medicare from running out of money. She wants to tell young people about these changes while keeping promises made to those already retired.

When asked what the right age should be, she didn’t give an exact number. She just said 65 is too soon, considering how long people usually live in the US. Back in 1983, Congress already made the retirement age 67 for people born in 1960 or later.

However, many folks don’t agree with Haley. A survey from March 2023 showed that almost 80% of people don’t want the retirement age to go up, even by a small amount.

Haley also has another idea. She thinks that politicians over 75 should have to take a test to show how well their brains are working. This idea comes from the fact that both the current President, Joe Biden, and the past President, Donald Trump, are quite old. Most members of Congress are also getting older.

In 2020, Trump said he took a test to check his brain. It’s a test that helps doctors see if someone has problems with their thinking. He got a perfect score, but the test is known to be tough.

Haley’s team didn’t want to talk about these ideas when a news organization asked for their thoughts.

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