Michael Jacksons Daughter Declares War on TMZ

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Paris Jackson, the 25-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson, decided to flip the script on TMZ, beating them to the punch by sharing her story online.

Frequently approached by media for comments on her father, Paris recently tackled a TMZ inquiry about rapper Offset’s tattoo featuring her dad, the King of Pop.

Instead of playing along, she set things straight in a video on her Instagram, choosing not to comment on others’ body choices.

“I’m not in the business of commenting on what other people do with their bodies because it’s none of my business,” Paris asserted, aiming to preempt TMZ’s usual headline tactics.

Her proactive approach resonated with her online audience, drawing supportive comments lauding her for reclaiming control and dodging potential tabloid drama.

Online users commended her move, with one highlighting, “Taking back the power. It would have been some lame a** drama click bait.

“Another praised her strategy, humorously stating, “And that children is what we call s* on the enemy 😂.”

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The TMZ inquiry stemmed from Cardi B’s mention of Offset’s admiration for artists like Michael Jackson.

During Cardi’s Hot 97 appearance, she humorously hinted at the impact of the MJ tattoo on their private life.Since then, online discussions erupted, with individuals sharing their amusement and curiosity over Offset’s MJ ink, fueling humorous exchanges across social media.

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This incident echoes Paris Jackson’s previous discussion on the Red Table Talk podcast, where she shared how she honors her father’s memory by embodying his positive teachings daily—lessons in humility, compassion, and kindness toward oneself and others.

This, for her, is a testament to keeping his legacy alive and making him proud.

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