Meghan Markle ‘is coming back to Instagram’ with relaunch set to make her ‘$1m per post’

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Meghan Markle is making a comeback on Instagram.Her presence is already creating a buzz, as her new handle @meghan has amassed an impressive 76,000 followers even before her first post.

She took a break from social media when she and Prince Harry decided to do less royal stuff in 2020. But now, she’s making a fresh start on Instagram, and her team confirmed that she’s back. Her new account name, @meghan, shows how she wants to be known.

Before Meghan became a royal, she had a blog called The Tig. She used to write about her life and share things on social media. Now that she’s returning to the online world, people are talking a lot about it. Hollywood insiders are excited and waiting for her to tell everyone when she’s fully back.

Because she has a lot of fans and people like what she does, Meghan could make a lot of money from Instagram. Some experts think she could get up to $1 million for each post she makes to promote things. This shows how important her online presence is.

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Someone close to Meghan said, “Everyone in Hollywood is talking about the re-launch being imminent. Meghan has never made any secret of the fact she wants to return to Instagram.” This means a lot of people are looking forward to seeing her on Instagram again and seeing what she shares.

In a world where being online is really important, Meghan Markle’s return to Instagram is a big deal. People are excited to see what she’ll do next and how she’ll connect with her followers.

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