Lukashenko claims Ukraine “will be ours” and says he warned Zelenskyy

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FILE PHOTO: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko attends a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State of Russia and Belarus at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia April 6, 2023. Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin via REUTERS

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko recently proclaimed that Ukraine “will still be ours,” suggesting that the nation is fading from the United States’ focus and implying that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy might be preparing to depart the country.

During a meeting with workers from various sectors, Lukashenko backed his claims by referencing the situation in Afghanistan when the U.S. withdrew, implying a similar fate for Ukraine.

Lukashenko criticized the U.S., alleging that they deliberately create chaos and favor instability in regions like Ukraine.

He further asserted that the U.S. policy manipulates regions for its benefit and emphasized the eventual return of Europe to Belarus and Russia, indicating the alleged dependence of Europe on the American market.

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Lukashenko’s comments, where he implied Zelenskyy’s intention to flee, are unsubstantiated and lacking in a named source.

His support for Vladimir Putin’s actions in the conflict against Ukraine remains evident, despite Belarus not directly engaging in combat.

Lukashenko’s stance continues to echo support for Putin’s views and actions, positioning himself as an ally in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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