Kevin Costner’s divorce battle has taken a sharp turn, with his legal team accusing his estranged wife, Christine, of employing questionable tactics

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In documents recently filed in a California Superior Court on August 10th, lawyers for the 68-year-old Yellowstone star have raised concerns about Christine’s behavior during the ongoing proceedings.

Amid their divorce, Christine, who initiated the split after 18 years of marriage on May 1, has been at odds with Kevin over their prenuptial agreement (PMA).

This agreement outlines the financial terms of their separation. Under the PMA, Christine received a substantial $1.5 million payout, a sum she could potentially lose if she continues to challenge the agreement.

Kevin’s attorneys contend that Christine has been avoiding answering crucial questions posed by their legal team concerning the prenup.

Specifically, they are seeking clarity on whether she fully comprehended the agreement before signing it. These inquiries have been met with resistance from Christine’s side, which has raised eyebrows in the lead-up to the trial scheduled for November, where the validity of the prenup will be evaluated.

The language barrier in this matter is evident, as Christine’s responses indicate a lack of understanding of basic legal terms like “understood” and “negotiation.”

Her lawyers have also cited ambiguity in the requests, further complicating the process. Such tactics have frustrated Kevin’s team, who believe Christine’s evasiveness is unjustified.

The situation has escalated to a point where Kevin’s legal team has requested the court’s intervention to compel Christine to provide clearer answers.

They argue that her actions have hindered their ability to conduct necessary discovery, placing Kevin at a disadvantage as they approach the November trial.

Kevin Costner’s lawyers have labeled Christine’s approach as “gamesmanship of the worst sort.” They emphasize that the term “understood” is straightforward and doesn’t warrant evasion.

Kevin is also seeking reimbursement for the legal fees amounting to around $14,000, which he incurred while trying to elicit proper responses from Christine.

His legal team insists that this shouldn’t have been necessary, as the discovery process should not resemble a “game of chicken.”

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Adding to the complexity, Christine’s recent move out of the family home in Santa Barbara has raised suspicions of stalling tactics.

This move, coupled with her reluctance to cooperate fully, has irked Kevin’s legal team, as they prepare for the forthcoming trial.

An evidentiary hearing related to the trial is scheduled for August 31 and September 1, and the court’s intervention is hoped to bring clarity and resolution to this contentious divorce battle.

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