Jamie Dornan Rushed to Hospital With Heart Attack Symptoms After Encountering Toxic Caterpillars

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Actor Jamie Dornan, known for Fifty Shades of Grey, had a health scare in Portugal during a golf trip when he encountered poisonous caterpillars.

The story unfolded as Jamie’s friend, Gordon Smart, shared on the January 12 episode of BBC’s “The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected” podcast.

Gordon, a 43-year-old Scottish broadcaster, described feeling “tingling” in his left hand and arm after a night out with Jamie, 41, during their March 2023 trip.

Recognizing these symptoms as the start of a potential heart attack, he revealed a heart rate of 210 BPM—well above the normal range.

“Now, I’m a fairly healthy guy, but once you start thinking you’re having a heart attack, you’re pretty sure that you’re convincing yourself that you are having one,” Gordon explained, recalling the alarming experience.

After passing out in an Uber en route to the emergency room, Gordon woke up in a hospital bed, witnessing another friend from the trip being wheeled by with similar symptoms.

While Gordon was discharged shortly after, Jamie’s condition worsened, leading to his own rushed trip to the emergency room.

Jamie described the ordeal, saying, “Gordon, about 20 minutes after you left, my left arm went numb, my left leg went numb, my right leg went numb.

And I found myself in the back of an ambulance.”Recovery followed for Gordon and his friends with no lasting effects.

However, about a week later, a doctor who treated them contacted Gordon, inquiring if they had encountered caterpillars during their golf outings.

The physician explained that brushing against pine processionary moth caterpillars, native to the region, could cause symptoms similar to what they experienced.Forest Research notes these caterpillars pose a “hazard to human and animal health.”

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Contact can result in symptoms ranging from minor irritation to serious allergic reactions. An earlier incident in Portugal reported a gardener suffering four heart attacks due to anaphylactic shock after contact with the caterpillars.

“It turns out we brushed up against processionary caterpillars and had been very lucky to come out of that one alive,” Gordon concluded the unusual tale on the podcast.

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