‘It’s just a bad photo!’ – Mrs Russia organisers forced to defend pageant winner’s looks

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Mrs Russia Beauty Pageant Organizers Defend Winner’s Appearance Following Online Mockery

The organizers of the prestigious Mrs Russia beauty pageant find themselves in the position of having to defend their crowned champion, Natalya Oskar, against a torrent of disparagement circulating on the internet.

Critics, mainly hailing from Ukraine, mercilessly targeted Oskar’s looks, fueling a wave of vitriol that engulfed social media platforms.

Mocking comments centered on her petite stature, full lips, and what some believed to be excessive cosmetic enhancements.

The storm intensified further when certain individuals insinuated that Oskar had undergone numerous plastic surgeries to achieve her appearance.

Traditionally, the Mrs Russia competition imposed strict requirements, permitting only women taller than 175cm (5.7ft) and wearing clothes sizes S and XS to enter.

However, this year, in an effort to foster inclusivity, the pageant altered its guidelines, extending a warm welcome to shorter women and plus-size models.

“Our decision was to relinquish these limitations and embrace the women in their true forms,” declared Irina Kirsanova, the event’s organizer.

“This competition is not solely about modeling; it is a celebration of married women and mothers.”

Unfortunately, unflattering images of Mrs Oskar circulated widely, revealing a slightly oily forehead and faint creases beneath her cheeks that were conspicuously absent in apparently manipulated photos displayed on her official Instagram account.

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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – JANUARY 11: Miss Russia, Anna Linnikova walks onstage during the 71st Miss Universe preliminary competition at New Orleans Morial Convention Center on January 11, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images)

In response to the online backlash, the pageant organizers found themselves compelled to attribute the negative perception to an unfavorable camera angle and came forward to defend the 34-year-old mother of a young child.

“In our official photographs, she appears exceptionally beautiful,” stated Ms. Kirsanova in an interview with Podyem media outlet.

“I was genuinely taken aback by the public’s reaction. It was simply a case of a bad photograph, captured from an unflattering, low angle. The true essence of her beauty is strikingly different. Every member of the judging panel beheld her and instantly adored her.”

Outside of her participation in the competition, Mrs Oskar leads a life dedicated to teaching English and resides in the Far East of Russia alongside her husband, daughter, and beloved canine companion.

When approached by the Star Hit tabloid, the crowned Mrs Russia winner dismissed the online bullying, refusing to allow it to affect her.

She adamantly denied any allegations of resorting to plastic surgery, firmly asserting, “I am well aware of the effort and dedication I poured into this competition.

Enduring a full day in high heels, snatching mere hours of sleep, and immersing myself in rehearsals from morning till night is no small feat.”

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