“He Lacks Morals” Blackface Criticizes Rema for “Charm” Song

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In recent comments, Nigerian music veteran Augustine Ahmedu, also known as Blackface, expressed his concerns about young music sensation Divine “Rema” Ikubor, citing a lack of morals in the rising star.

Blackface’s criticism stems from the lyrics of Rema’s song “Charm,” which he found offensive. The former member of the defunct group Plantashun Boiz described the lyrics as disrespectful.

According to Blackface, he wouldn’t approve of his daughter marrying someone like Rema due to his perceived lack of morals. He believes that Rema’s lyrics are a reflection of his character.

During a recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, co-hosted by actor and On-Air-Personality Nedu, Blackface highlighted specific lyrics from Rema’s song, such as “I get money pass your papa.” He expressed his discomfort with the idea of his daughter bringing home a man who sings such lyrics, stating that he would not accept such a situation.

Blackface Criticizes Rema for "Charm" Song
Rema (left) and Blackface(Right)

In his own words, Blackface said, “The songs they are singing nowadays, do they represent Nigeria in a good light? ‘I get money pass your papa, I get money pass your mama.’ What’s that? ‘Fine girl come wettin dey worry you?’ ‘You dey craze for your head?’ ‘You no know say I get money pass your papa?’ Is that the kind of man that my daughter will bring home to me for marriage? I will kick that daughter and the man out of my house. Because such men as Rema have no morals. I said he has no morals because what you speak comes from the heart.”

Blackface’s critique centers on the morality of contemporary music lyrics, as he believes they may not positively represent Nigeria.

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