Freddie Flintoff Set to Make Shock TV Comeback in 2024 After Top Gear Crash

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Freddie Flintoff in a yellow Car(Getty Images)

Former Top Gear star Freddie Flintoff is making his return to television next year after taking a break to recover from a serious accident. The 45-year-old England cricket legend, who had to pause his TV career due to a horrific crash last December, is ready to make his comeback.

Freddie will be back with a second series of the BBC1 documentary “Field of Dreams.” In this show, he introduced children in his hometown of Preston to the sport of cricket. The TV personality, known for his love of cars, may also revive the stalled show “Chasing Cars” for BBC2, which is described as a combination of “The Repair Shop” and “Top Gear.

Furthermore, Freddie is currently in discussions with producers regarding other potential projects. He might even consider sharing his experiences, both physical and psychological, during interviews, shedding light on his journey of dealing with the injuries sustained in the accident.

Freddie Flintoff ( Getty Images)

A TV insider commented, “Freddie is a hugely popular TV star, and any channel or streaming service would be thrilled to sign up one of his shows. His return to the limelight is something both television executives and the public have been eagerly awaiting, and thankfully, he now seems ready to return to what he loves. He just needs to get past the one-year anniversary of the crash, then he can focus on the next chapter of his career. He’s already in talks about what he wants to work on in 2024 and beyond.”

Freddie is reuniting with the production company South Shore for these upcoming projects. Their previous collaborations include ITV’s reality show “Don’t Rock the Boat,” the documentary “Two Men in a Tent,” and the BBC1 documentary “Freddie Flintoff: Living with Bulimia.”

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As previously reported, Top Gear will not be returning after Freddie’s accident. He was seriously injured when a three-wheeler Morgan Super 3 he was driving flipped over at a relatively low speed of 22 mph at Dunsfold Park Aerodrome in Surrey. Freddie, who co-hosted Top Gear with Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris, has kept a low profile since his accident.

While there has been no official comment from Freddie’s spokesperson, the TV industry and fans eagerly await his return to their screens in 2024.

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