Fat Joe Believes Ja Morant Is Purposely Trying To Get Kicked Out Of NBA

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Ja Morant’s NBA future is under scrutiny as American rapper Fat Joe accuses the talented point guard of intentionally pushing the boundaries to secure an exit from the league.

The controversy surrounding Morant escalated recently when a social media post went viral, featuring him holding what appeared to be a firearm.

In an Instagram Live session, Fat Joe expressed his belief that Morant may have aspirations to play basketball overseas, citing Turkey, China, Serbia, and Montenegro as potential destinations.

Fat Joe further attributed Morant’s actions to the influence, or rather, lack of influence, from his entourage.

Directly addressing Morant, Fat Joe voiced his concern about the people surrounding him, stating, “Those individuals accompanying you, Ja, are not your true allies.

This sentiment resonates with the speculation of pundits, athletes, and fans, who believe that those close to Morant have played a significant role in the series of incidents that have brought him negative attention.

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They lack genuine concern for your well-being.” He lamented that this problem is not exclusive to their community, but rather a pervasive issue when one achieves fame and celebrity status.

According to Fat Joe, the people around Morant are mere spectators, captivated by the glamour and allure of his lifestyle, without sharing his values.

Expanding on this point, Fat Joe emphasized the disparity between Morant’s dedication to his craft and the superficial interest of his entourage.

He spoke of the grueling journey of honing basketball skills on snowy Christmas days, tirelessly emulating the moves of legends like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

Fat Joe cautioned Morant that if he were to be expelled from the NBA, these same individuals would dismiss his talent and diminish his achievements, uttering dismissive remarks such as, “He was never that great to begin with. It is what it is.”

He urged Morant to recognize that those leading him astray do not have his best interests at heart.

The recent controversy surrounding Morant intensified when footage emerged of him allegedly brandishing a firearm while riding in a vehicle with a friend.

This incident follows his previous suspension for a similar offense involving a gun at a strip club, resulting in a loss of endorsement deals and a significant salary deduction.

Morant expressed deep regret for letting down his family, teammates, coaches, fans, partners, the city of Memphis, and the Grizzlies organization at the time.

Furthermore, Morant currently faces a lawsuit over allegations of assaulting a teenager during a pickup basketball game at his Memphis residence, where he is also accused of threatening behavior with a firearm.

In response to the most recent incident, the Memphis Grizzlies issued a statement acknowledging the situation and announcing Morant’s suspension from all team activities pending further investigation.

As the NBA investigates the actions of Ja Morant, the young star finds himself under the spotlight, with Fat Joe’s accusations adding another layer of speculation to his future in the league.

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