Children are being held hostage in a barricade situation in Florida: Swat teams have surrounded the home hours ago

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Polk County SWAT car in the scene

In Venus, Florida, a troubling incident has unfolded where an individual has barricaded themselves inside a residence, holding multiple children hostage.

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office has been dealing with this situation since Monday night.

Though the exact location hasn’t been disclosed officially, reports from a community transit employee, Allison Booth, suggest that SWAT vehicles have been observed on Earnhardt Drive.

Booth expressed her uncertainty about the situation, stating, “We have vans in the area. Not sure what is going on, to be honest.”

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As more than 12 hours passed without resolution, the Polk County SWAT was brought in to relieve the Highlands County unit. The authorities have managed to contain the situation, ensuring that there is no immediate threat to the neighboring community.

Despite ongoing efforts to address the situation, the sheriff’s office is currently unable to provide additional information.

This is a developing story, and updates will be provided as more details emerge. The focus remains on ensuring the safety of the children involved and resolving the situation peacefully.

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