Bodybuilder Justyn Vicky, 33, dies after being crushed by barbell while trying to squat 210kg in horror accident

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In a horrifying accident at The Paradise Bali gym in Sanur, Indonesia, 33-year-old bodybuilder Justyn Vicky lost his life while attempting a 210kg squat.

During the training session, a heavy barbell weighing over 450 lbs slipped from his grasp and landed on his neck, causing severe injuries.

The unfortunate incident occurred while Vicky was performing squat presses, a challenging exercise where the barbell is held behind the neck while squatting.

Despite being supervised by a spotter, the barbell fell forward, resulting in a broken neck and critical compression of vital nerves connected to his heart and lungs.

Immediately after the accident, Vicky was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, but tragically, he did not survive.

Vicky, who hailed from East Java, Indonesia, was not only a bodybuilder but also a nutrition and weight-loss coach.

He had gained popularity on Instagram, boasting nearly 30,000 followers, who admired his workout videos and inspiring photos.

A few days before the incident, Vicky had shared a video of the squat exercise, accompanied by an audio warning about its potential dangers if not performed correctly.

Nevertheless, he highlighted that when executed properly, the barbell squat could lead to significant muscle mass gains that few other exercises could match.

The Paradise Bali gym, where Vicky had trained, paid heartfelt tribute to him on their Instagram, describing him as more than just a fitness expert.

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They acknowledged his unwavering support, motivation, and inspiration that had touched the lives of many in their fitness community.

Friends and followers expressed their grief, remembering Vicky for his infectious energy and positive attitude.

They praised his encouragement and how he had impacted their fitness journeys. Many vowed to keep his memory alive and continue their fitness pursuits in his honor.

Vicky’s passing leaves a void in the fitness community, but his legacy of inspiring others and spreading positivity will forever remain with those whose lives he touched. Rest in peace, Justyn Vicky. You will be remembered and cherished by many.

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