“Bill Gates Reserves Exclusive Michelin-Star Restaurant for Diet Coke, Skips $313 Meal” Chef Says, ‘People With Money Value Things Less’

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Portrait of Microsoft founder Bill Gates at the offices of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, Wash.

Indulgent dining often symbolizes wealth. Picture the richest individuals and you might envision foie gras, caviar, and lavish steaks.

Billionaires, however, can surprise with their eating habits. Steve Jobs, Apple’s late CEO, embraced a fruitarian diet. Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, sticks to simple pleasures like ice cream and junk food.

In the realm of eccentric billionaire eating preferences, Bill Gates stands out. Despite his riches, he keeps his lunch simple with cheeseburgers. Joe Cerrell, Gates Foundation’s managing director, revealed that if you dine with Bill, it’s burgers or a trip to McDonald’s. Gates also loves Diet Coke, which is a staple in his hotel room while traveling.

Gates once calculated that his annual Diet Coke consumption creates 35 pounds of aluminum waste. He even admitted to cracking open three or four cans a day at the office in a 2014 blog post.

Surprisingly, Gates’s affection for Diet Coke surpasses even the finest restaurant offerings. Spanish Michelin-starred Chef Jordi Cruz shared a memorable encounter when Gates visited his renowned restaurant, ABaC, in Barcelona.

During an interview on “Planeta Calleja,” Cruz recalled the incident. Bill Gates, accompanied by a hefty entourage, booked the entire restaurant for two days.

Despite the lavish $313 tasting menu featuring delicacies like caviar and foie gras, Gates ordered just a Diet Coke before returning to his plane.

Cruz found this choice amusing, and it remained a topic of discussion for years. When asked if Gates sampled the dishes, Cruz’s answer was a resounding “Zero.”

Cruz speculated that people with substantial wealth sometimes tire of extravagance, leading them to value such experiences less.

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