Bernie Sanders says Israel is violating international law with blockade on ‘open-air prison’ in Gaza

By echonewshub 2 Min Read
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., talks with reporters following his meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2023. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Senator Bernie Sanders strongly criticized Israel for violating international laws in response to Hamas’s recent attack. He pointed out that Gaza has been like an open-air prison for a long time, with people struggling to get basic things they need.

After the Hamas attack, Israel’s Defense Minister enforced a strict blockade on Gaza, which meant they stopped providing things like electricity, food, and fuel to the 2 million people living there.

Sanders said this was breaking the rules of war and targeting civilians, which is not okay. Sanders also said he didn’t like what Hamas did, and it’s a problem for peace and justice in that part of the world.

While President Joe Biden and other lawmakers supported Israel, Sanders said the US should tell Israel to be more careful in how they act in Gaza. Bernie Sanders is one of the most famous Jewish politicians in the US, and he’s always been critical of Israel, even when he ran for president in 2016 and 2020.

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He has even suggested putting conditions on the money the US gives to Israel, which is a controversial idea. Sanders’ views are similar to those of some progressive House members called the “Squad,” who want a cease-fire because of the Hamas attack.

Aome of them also use the word “apartheid” to talk about how Israel controls the West Bank and Gaza, a word that international human rights groups use, but not many American politicians.

As the conflict goes on, the differences in the Democratic Party about how the US deals with Israel will probably become more obvious.

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