Belarusian leader, Lukashenko, is having a hard time stopping Wagner mercenaries from attacking Poland

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He said this during a meeting with Putin in St. Petersburg. Poland accused Moscow of using Wagner and Minsk to make Eastern Europe unstable.

Lukashenko told Putin, “The Wagnerites are causing us trouble. I ask them, ‘Why do you want to go west?’
They reply, ‘We want to visit Warsaw, and Rzeszow.'”

Lukashenko also gave Putin a map showing Poland’s alleged plan to attack Belarus. Putin warned that an attack on Belarus is the same as attacking Russia.

Poland sent more soldiers to its border and is watching Wagner fighters who moved into Belarus earlier this month. Experts think Russia might use a “false flag” incident as an excuse to attack Poland.

A Belarusian NGO reported that the 10th column of Wagner fighters entered the country with ten vehicles.

After their meeting, Putin and Lukashenko visited a cathedral in St. Petersburg and posed for photos with adoring bystanders.

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This was unusual as Putin usually keeps his distance from regular people. Experts believe he wanted to show support from ordinary Russians after the Wagner rebellion in June.

In the past, Putin was worried about Covid-19 and made visitors quarantine for 90 days.
But during a recent public appearance, he said people are more important than quarantine.

The situation in the region remains tense, and people around the world are closely watching what happens between Belarus, Russia, and Poland.

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