Al-Shifa Hospital Raid Occurs Amid Changing Attitudes Toward Israel zone

By Sterling Brown 2 Min Read

Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, a place I’ve visited several times, has become a symbol of the ongoing conflict. The Israeli invasion has led to significant casualties and damage, highlighting the urgent humanitarian needs within the hospital.

Israel emphasizes targeting the Hamas military command while also delivering fuel and incubators. Concerns arose about premature babies being removed from incubators due to alleged fuel shortages. However, the real issue is the lack of fuel, as Israel restricted its entry, citing fears of theft by Hamas.

While 23,000 liters of fuel are allowed for UN lorries, it falls short of what’s needed for humanitarian operations. Fuel remains banned for generators at hospitals and essential facilities. Israel suggests Hamas use its stockpiles for the hospital’s electrical system.

Amid developments at Al-Shifa, the international stance on Israel’s offensive has toughened, with the US, UK, and France expressing concerns about civilian casualties. This shift in tone reflects a growing diplomatic clock alongside the military one for Israel’s operation.

The Israeli Defense Forces anticipate more weeks of operation due to the scale of casualties caused by Hamas attacks. However, pressure is building among allies for Israel to reconsider its military approach. Despite this, there’s no explicit call for a ceasefire from the British or the Americans at this point.

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