Adidas Is Accused Of Trying ‘to erase’ Women By Using Biological Male Model For Its WOMEN’S Swimwear Line During Pride Month

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Adidas Faces Backlash for Featuring Biological Male Model in Women’s Swimwear Line for Pride Month

Adidas, the renowned sportswear giant, is currently under fire following its decision to feature a biological male model in the advertisement of its women’s swimwear range as part of the Pride 2023 collection.

This move has sparked accusations of “erasing women” and has reignited the ongoing debate surrounding “woke marketing.”

The controversial swimsuit line, labeled “Let Love Be Your Legacy,” is prominently displayed in the women’s section on Adidas’s website, retailing at $70.

The model showcased in the campaign exhibits distinct male physical attributes, such as a hairy chest and a noticeable bulge. However, it remains uncertain whether the model identifies as transgender.

Accompanying the images, a description outlines the model’s specifications, stating a height of 6ft 2in, a chest measurement of 34″, and a waist size of 27″.

The design itself was conceptualized by South African designer Rich Mnisi, with Adidas emphasizing that the collection symbolizes “a celebration of self-expression, imagination, and the unwavering belief that love unites.”

Nevertheless, the choice of employing a male model has ignited a wave of outrage across social media platforms, resulting in the trending hashtag, ‘Boycott Adidas.’ Prominent figures, including US swim star Riley Gaines, have voiced their discontent with the company’s decision.

Gaines expressed her bewilderment, questioning why corporations willingly subject themselves to such controversies.

She suggested that Adidas could have labeled the swimsuit as “unisex” to avoid eroding the significance of women.

Highlighting the lack of a corresponding trend where women’s swimwear is accentuated with male attributes, she underscored the underlying concern of erasure.

Joining the chorus of dissent, Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized the marketing strategy, questioning the rationale behind major corporations alienating women, who constitute half of the population, to cater to a demographic representing less than 1%.

Greene firmly asserted that businesses exist for profit, not politics, and found the decision perplexing, prompting her to query the instigators behind this approach.

The controversy also caught the attention of Dr. Jebra Fashay, who humorously tweeted, pondering whether the inclusive Adidas Pride Swimsuit would be accompanied by socks to create the illusion of a bulge for women lacking one naturally.

In summary, Adidas’s introduction of a women’s swimwear range within their Pride Collection featuring male models wearing sports bras and women’s swimsuits has sparked a significant backlash.

Accusations of erasing women and concerns over the intersection of profit and politics have dominated social media conversations surrounding the brand.

The controversy raises questions about the balance between inclusivity and the preservation of gender-specific identities in marketing initiatives.

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