Adele Quits Drinking: Singer Reveals Sobriety During Las Vegas Concert

By Sterling Brown 1 Min Read

Pop sensation Adele surprised fans during her recent Las Vegas performance when she disclosed her decision to quit alcohol. Speaking with a concert attendee enjoying a beverage, the singer candidly shared this revelation in a video posted on social media.

Adele stated that she had ceased drinking “maybe three and a half months ago,” describing the change as feeling like a long time. She also expressed her newfound sobriety as somewhat dull, saying, “It’s boring.

Oh my god, it’s boring.” She admitted that she had struggled with alcohol during her twenties, referring to herself as a “borderline alcoholic.”

In addition to alcohol, the “Hello” singer announced that she has also given up caffeine. This decision follows her previous discussions about her complex relationship with alcohol, as she famously told Oprah in 2021 that she may have contributed to the alcohol industry after her divorce from entrepreneur Simon Konecki.

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