A woman was shamed for refusing to pay $150 for a group dinner when she only spent $25

By echonewshub 2 Min Read

In a recent social media fuss, Aryan Strauss, a single mom, found herself in an awkward situation after being asked to pay $150 for a group dinner, despite only spending $25.

Strauss shared her story on TikTok, talking about a situation at a friend’s birthday dinner in a fancy steakhouse.

Even though money was tight, Strauss wanted to treat her friend and snagged a coupon for a buy-one-get-one-free deal at the expensive restaurant.

Both she and her friend ordered $50 main dishes, but things got complicated when Strauss complained about her meal, leading the waiter to remove it from the bill.

Thinking her part of the bill would be $25, Strauss was surprised when the final bill expected her to cover the costs of those who left without paying, making her share $150.

Refusing to pay the full amount, she offered $50, despite having only $48 in her account and $10 in cash for a tip. To settle the debt, she wrote a check to her friend, who wasn’t happy about it.

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Afterward, Strauss urged viewers to talk about bill plans before going out, stressing how important it is to know everyone’s budget to avoid money surprises.

The incident sparked a lively debate on TikTok, with some suggesting separate bills for fairness. Others argued that people shouldn’t join group dinners if they can’t afford.

In a later video, Strauss admitted her mistake and highlighted the need for responsible money handling.

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