123 men were arrested in Florida for human trafficking — Not one was a drag queen

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A big operation in Florida, lasting 90 days, caught 123 guys linked to human trafficking. What’s interesting is, none of them turned out to be drag queens, as people noticed online.

These guys got arrested for supposedly trying to have s3x with undercover agents posing as kids, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Among them were different types of people, like a church grief counselor, a school teacher, a nurse from a substance abuse clinic, and a basketball coach, as per the Tampa Bay Times.

It’s kind of funny that there were no drag queens caught, and people on social media talked about it. Some mentioned Florida’s weird laws against LGBTQ+ stuff, like trying to ban drag performances, claiming they’re not suitable for kids.

“Surprising, right? No drag queens? Maybe they’re looking in the wrong places?” one person wondered. Another person joked, “Guess so, ’cause I haven’t seen any news about drag queens getting into this mess.”Someone added a bit of humor, suggesting banning a dictionary.

This connects to Florida’s rule against certain words in schools. Recently, they took Webster’s dictionary off school shelves because it had words like “gay” and “transgender.”

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Also, Florida’s “don’t say gay” law stops talking about LGBTQ+ things in K-12 classes.Even though they tried to ban drag performances in Florida, a judge said no in June.

The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to look at the case in November, making the ban not work.

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Florida is one of six states with anti-drag laws, but because of legal problems, these bans, including Florida’s, can’t be enforced now.

At a press conference, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister pointed out that many of these arrested guys had important roles in their communities. This includes the teacher, who was “someone trusted with shaping young minds.”

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